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10 fascinating things about Tirupati

We all understand that Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam is that the richest and one amongst the foremost revered shrines in Asian nation. But, there area unit such a large amount of fascinating mystical facts out there on the far side the ordinarily celebrated object. just like the indisputable fact that the idol of Lord Balaji wears real hair. Or, that the sacred objects for worship aren't domestically sourced. however concerning this one – the idol of the spiritual being features a tendency to sweat!

Read a lot of for such amusing and psychotropic facts concerning the foremost well-known shrine in Asian nation.

Secret of Associate in Nursing unknown village

For the ritual worship of the deities housed within the Tirupati Balaji Temple, the flowers, butter, milk, butter-milk, holy leaves etc. area unit sourced from Associate in Nursing unrevealed village settled concerning twenty 2 kilometres removed from Tirupati. the limited village has ne'er been seen or visited by any outsider except its own individuals.

Idol of the spiritual being isn't within the centre

The idol of Lord Tirupati Balaji placed might seem to be standing within the centre of the sanctum sanctorum, however technically, it's not thus. The idol is really placed within the hand corner of the shrine.

Real hair of Balaji

The hair worn by Lord Balaji is glossy, smooth, tangle-free, and completely real. The story behind those impeccable locks goes like this – Lord Balaji, throughout his regime on earth, lost a number of his hair in Associate in Nursing sudden mishap. A Gandharva aristocrat named Neela Hindu deity quickly took note of this incident, and cut a little of her superb mane. She offered her shredded locks humbly to the spiritual being and requested him to plant them on his head. happy along with her devotion, the god accepted the sort providing and secure that whoever visits his shrine and sacrifices his/her hair at his feet are blessed. Ever since, it's been a custom among devotees to shave their head off within the temple before or once their wishes area unit consummated.

Sea waves behind Lord Balaji’s idol

You may need to listen to to believe, however the changeless truth is that the sound of monumental ocean waves may be detected if one puts his/her ear on the rear of the deity’s image housed within the shrine.

Perpetual lit lamps

The light of a fanatical devotee’s heart for the Divine ne'er gets destroyed, thus will the stuff lamps placed before the idol of the spiritual being within the sanctum sanctorum of the Tirupati Balaji Temple. There aren't any reliable records concerning the time once these lamps were lit and World Health Organization lit them. All that's celebrated is that they need been burning since a protracted time and can still do thus.

Venkateswara Swamy had once appeared in real

Long ago, in nineteenth century Asian nation, the King of the region obligatory death sentence on twelve individuals for committing a atrocious crime. The twelve of them were decorated by their necks till death. Post death, the body of the deceased criminals were left hanging on the walls of the temple of Balaji. it absolutely was at that point the spiritual being himself appeared.

Misty idol

For Associate in Nursing mysterious reason, the rear of the idol invariably remains dampish, despite the monks toiling to stay it dry.

Flowers offered to Lord comes out at Verpedu
Going by the assemblage, the temple monks don't throw the flowers offered to Lord Balaji throughout morning worship out of the GarbhaGudi or Sanctum Sanctorum. So, they're thrown into the waterfalls that flow behind the rear aspect of the idol. The monks, however, refrain from staring at the rear aspect of the holy spiritual being for the remainder of the day. astonishingly, the discarded flowers may be seen at an area referred to as Yerpedu that lies twenty kilometres removed from Tirupati.

Idol survives robust chemical action

It is a scientifically celebrated indisputable fact that once raw natural resin or inexperienced natural resin (Pachai Karpooram), a spinoff of laurel tree, is applied on any stone, it results in cracks and fissures on the item. The idol of Shri Tirupati Balaji, however, is immune to the volatile chemical reactions of natural resin, and bears no marks, even supposing it remains smudged with the substance most of the time.

Sweaty spiritual being

Lord Balaji’s image is also incised out of stone, however it's absolutely infused with life and really a lot of alive, if reports area unit to be believed. The idol of the holy spiritual being maintains a temperature of one hundred ten degrees Fahrenheit, even supposing the environment area unit cool because of the steep location of the temple (3000 feet). each morning, once the holy bathtub referred to as Abhishekham, droplets of sweat seem on the image of Balaji that have to be compelled to be wiped off with a sleek material by the monks. On Thursdays, once the monks take away the ornaments of the idol for a holy bathtub, they are available off with a sensation of heat.

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