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Padmavathi Travels

Padmavathi travels , chennai to tirupati packages

Latest update of tirupati:

Bramotshavam starts from December 30th to January 8th, So the crowd will be bit high

For more details call - 9840805056, 9962717100.
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Padmavathi travels - chennai to tirupati packages car rental packages

PADMAVATHI TRAVELS - CAR RENTAL                                       TIRUPATI ONE DAY PACKAGE  Tirupati is one of the Pilgrims centres in India. The ancient and sacred temple of Sri Venkateswara is located on the Seventh peak, Venkatachala of the tirupati hill. 
PRICE FOR CAR RENTAL PACKAGES: *ETIOS/DEZIRE A/C 4+1 = 4500/- *INNOVA A/C 6+1 =  6500/- *INNOVA A/C 7+1 = 7000/- *INNOVA CRYSTA A/C 6+1 = 7500/- *INNOVA CRYSTA A/C 7+1 = 8000/- *TAVERA A/C = 6500/- *TEMPO TRAVELLER A/C 12+1 =  11500/-
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Padmavathi travels

Padmavathi travels were famously known for our service . We always provide best to the customer ,Want to know regular updates of tirupati Kindly call 9840805056, 9962717100.

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Sri Padmavathi Travels

Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple is one of the most important and finest temples in Tirupati and it’s located at the distance of 5 kilometers from Tirupati. Sri Padmavathi Ammavari temple is located in tiruchanur is also known as with the name of Alamelu mangapuram temple or Alamelumangapuram, denotes the legend associated with goddess Padmavati as she is believed to have come on a golden lotus flower and name denoted as Alar, Manga, and Puram.

There is each word in the name has a certain meaning that is Alar refers to Lotus, Mel means it Top, Manga signifies into Goddess and Puram referred by the village or town. Therefore lots of tourists/devotees come every year to seek blessings of goddess Padmavati and known as the goddess of wealth and prosperity. The temple is made and looks like a Dravidian style and is well known for its architecture during the festivals like Dussehra and Diwali.

The temple is well decorated so nicely that it gives you an amazing ball to see such a beauty of t…

Padmavathi Travels

INTRODUCTION Lord Venkateswara also known by various names as SrinivasaBalajiVenkatachalapati and Govinda is a divine form of Lord Vishnu. Lord Venkateswara is the main deity of Tirumala Venkateswara Temple situated in TirupatiAndhra Pradesh. Lakhs of devotees are visiting daily to the Tirumala Temple to have a glimpse of their dear god, and to get his blessings. In Tirumala, TTD Devasthanams are conducting lot of social welfare schemes for the benefit of the devotees and to the poor people, like providing free food to the devotees, education to children, veda patasala, hospitals, go-samrakshana etc. The TTD is investing the money received from the devotees in Fixed Deposits and utilizing only the interest portion for performing social welfare schemes. Lot of poor students and poor people were got benefited by these schemes. Every day lot of devotees are donating lakhs of rupees at the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple at TirupatiAndhra Pradesh. According the fa…